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Winter Safety Tips for Parents

Winters have already stepped in and so is the time for fun in the sun. This season is full of excitements such as a hot Sunday afternoon or a picnic in the outdoors, a cup of hot coffee or sometimes even an ice-cream, flaunting the collection of overcoats or scarves or boots, the list has a number of things. For kids, it is the best time for playing outdoors with their friends or some running or walking in the parks. And thus, it is ours, the parents, responsibility to be ensure about kids safety from these cold chills without affecting much of their excitements.

Kids love to play outdoors and by this time they are used to do so in the evening. So adjust your timings in the way that they got their outdoor plays in the day time so that in the evening when winds are colder, they can be confined to the warmth of the house having completed their daily dose of outdoor play.

Layers of clothing are done as a first step to be safe in winters. But make sure that you don’t put layers which make child uncomfortable. Putting warmers underneath is a good option as that helps in keeping the kid warm and is not too bulky as well. Similarly, while choosing for caps, make sure that you are opting for one which is good enough to cover their ears as well. Gloves or mittens are also a good option for more chiller winds. Remember, we are clothing them to keep warm, too much of which is equally harmful.

Winters in itself means less drinking of water. As even for my kid whose water bottle was not enough for him in the summers is bringing his water bottle full from school these days. And that is why dehydration is very common during this season. So please make sure that kids drink enough water and/or fluids to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

In spite of being so much fun, winters are very harsh for the skin. Drinking less water, taking a bath with the warm water, having layers of clothing, and playing outside in the sun, all these contributes to the dryness of the skin. Thus opt for a good and safe moisturizing cream and do remember to apply it daily on the child’s body. And sometimes a full body massage with the lukewarm oil can also be very beneficial and believe me kids enjoy that a lot.

And here comes the tastiest and healthiest benefit of this season. A variety of leafy green vegetables which are very healthy for everyone to have. For kids, try to include these in their daily meals. You can use your own creativeness and innovations to cook some delicacies for them such as mixed vegetable soup or so or even choose from a number of recipes available on the internet. Also, try to include dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, walnuts and so in their daily diet. It will give them warmth and will even be helpful for the growth and development of their different body parts.

While taking care of all the above points, do remember that after all they are kids, so let them enjoy and have fun. Happy Winters.

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